Theme : Veranderen of groeien… wat willen we ermee?

Spoken language : Dutch. No simultaneous translation

Tuesday 12/9/2017

Handelsbeurs, Kouter 29, 9000 Gent

@ 8:00 Breakfast & Networking
@ 8:30 Keynotes & Discussion
@10:00 Conclusions

Peter Devlies

CEO Axa Bank Belgium

Peter Devlies joined AXA Bank on December 19th 2016 as Chief Executive Officer to achieve a specific goal: making AXA Bank grow. His statement is: “We do not have too many people. We do have too many agencies.” Previously, Peter held positions at McKinsey and Dexia Bank Belgium before joining the Executive Committee of Bank Van Breda, a Belgian bank for entrepreneurs and liberal professions, in 2010.


Luc Limère

Guide for organisations, teams & leaders

Luc combines western and eastern knowledge and transforms this into useful, practical and powerful methods to help organisations grow. His device: “Energy flows where the intention goes.” During the past 20 years, Luc became a top coach, helping companies in Finance, Industry, Automotive, Transport and Online Marketing. His added value has been shown on developing vision and mission statement, developing KPI-driven organizations using a win-win-win approach and executive coaching leading to personal balance.

Moderated by Peggy Richie
Peggy is a professional moderator, (TEDx) speakercoach and trainer. Her passion for group dynamics and organizational behavior makes her the outspoken host for this event. She is down to earth, not afraid to get the real issues into the open and has a crisp sense of humor. We are sure she will ’stand her man’ with these two strong personalities.

Thank you also to Monizze for their support